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Families celebrate many different types of holidays or ceremonies when having a newborn. These celebrations could range from religious to ethnic customs. For many of these ceremonies babies wear a traditional type of clothing that is representative of the customs. There are many different reasons for the rituals such as christenings, naming ceremonies and dedications. For each of these events babies tend to wear special clothing that is usually only worn the one time. In other situations parents will pick the clothing for the baby.

1. Baptisms: Baptism or christenings are usually a Catholic tradition. A child is held by his or her godparent's while the families vow to raise the child in the word of God. The baby will typically wear a white, flowing gown for this occasion for boys and girls. The white stands for the innocence of the child and washing away of the original sin the baby was born with letting them start a new life. The gowns vary slightly for boys and girls. A girls' gown tends to be a little longer and smocked.

2. Dedications: There are some Christian religions that let baptism be a personal decision left for when the person gets older. Since there is no baptism ceremony, the baby will normally have a dedication ceremony. This takes place while at church in front of the congregation. There is no specific clothing or gown that a child will have to wear for a dedication ceremony. However, the parents normally get dressed up in nice attire and will dress the baby accordingly. These cute outfits tend to get more compliments for their handsome look.

3. Naming ceremony: These types of ceremonies are some of the oldest celebrations of life dating back to the ancient times. Modern naming ceremonies don't require an official garb but many babies will be dressed in light colors made of a very fine material such as silk. The boys might wear a suit while the girls will wear a gown. These types of clothing are very delicate.

Many times in these ceremonies if a baby gets an outfit that is specific for the celebration, it will be the only time the baby wears it. The christening gown or naming ceremony outfit will get put away in a chest to keep. Some of the outfits are also handed down through generations where there could be many people within the same family who have worn the same baptism outfit.

There are stores that have specialty outfits available. Many children's clothing stores will have these beautiful gowns in stock or you can get them on special order. Get the right piece for a day you will never forget.

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