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The old school of thinking for parents was that they thought that the best shoes for their baby or toddler was one that was rigid with flat and hard soles. The idea was that the hard flat sole would correct any problems with the toddlers feet. The truth is that these sorts of shoes will actually do more harm than good to your babies development and will also make it more difficult for your baby to take those first steps.

The best shoes for your baby is actually the ones God gave him or her, bare feet. Podiatrists (doctors that specialize in feet) from around the world agree that babies should be left in bare feet as often as possible in order to promote natural development of muscles and bones.

Feet are made up of 26 bones and 35 joints all pulled together by ligaments. babies feet are highly flexible and are padded with fat. Most babies are flat footed when they begin to walk or turn their toes inward, because they have not yet developed the muscle tone or strength in their ligaments to support them. This improves as they grow.

The sole purpose for putting shoes on your babies feet is for protection only. If you are at home and indoors there should really not be many reasons for your toddler to be wearing shoes. Podiatrists advise that wearing baby and toddler shoes should be as much like being bare foot as possible, so for this reason it is important that you find baby shoes that are soft, subtle and highly flexible.

When your baby is taking those first steps, wearing hard rubber soles will impede on their development, as the toddler is forced to adjust the placement of each step. Studies have shown that toddlers wearing hard sole shoes will stumble and fall more often than those toddlers wearing soft sole baby shoes. Children wearing soft flexible shoes are able to walk in a much more natural manner than with hard soles.

In conclusion, when you are looking for shoes for your baby or toddler, it is very important to find shoes that are soft and flexible. Baby shoes should not impede on the way your child walks.

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