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When you are looking to purchase a pair of shoes (or any other product for that matter) for your precious baby have you ever considered what the price you pay actually equates to? Have you ever thought about, for instance, whether the person who made the shoes has been paid fairly?

As an example, if you purchase any baby shoes that are Made in China or other such country, chances are the designer has paid the manufacturer between $USD3.50 to $USD5.00 for the shoes (excluding the shipping). Now that price includes the leather, cost of wages for a person to cut, glue and sew the shoes plus (don't forget) the manufacturer's profit margin.

Let us consider the leather used and the material used for the lining of the baby shoes. All leather is not of equal quality; obviously the better quality the leather the higher the price. And in high quality shoes the lining material is always leather, however in lesser quality shoes it can be microfiber, cotton or have no lining at all.

So considering the possibility that the wage paid for making the shoes is quite low and now thinking about the laws in Australia and the minimum age a person must be to be able to work you wonder how old the workers are who would accept such a wage? I know I definitely think about this now when making my purchasing decisions.

Now let's consider these baby shoes typically retail in Australia for between $20.00 - $50.00 and sometimes more. Considering for only a marginally higher price you can purchase baby shoes which have been Made in Australia. Under Australia's strict Industrial Laws, you can be assured that workers are paid fairly to earn a decent wage, as well as meeting a minimum age requirement, which I believe is around 15 years of age.

It can be difficult to find out the country of origin of the shoes that you are looking to purchase as designers / brands sometimes use confusing language, such as, "Designed in Australia", "Owned in Australia" and some brands don't even say and when you ask them directly they say "offshore"! Make sure you always look for where it is made.

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Anne Rennie is the Designer of Czarque baby shoes.

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