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As the demand for earth friendly organic clothing increases, exciting new options are emerging that promote health, style and a cleaner planet. Parents are increasingly looking to organic clothing as these garments are much softer on sensitive skin. In fact some natural fibers like bamboo have been reported to have antimicrobial properties.

Here are five great companies creating stylish and sustainable organic baby clothing:

1) Boo Bear Buns

Boo Bear Buns was created in 2006 by work-at-home-mom and activist Aimee Grimmel. Boo Bear Buns clothing line consists of cloth diapers, patchwork diapers, designer baby carriers They utilize organic and biodegradable materials, vegan and animal-free fibers as well as hemp materials. The company also recycles cardboard and tissue paper in their packaging. Their facilities are powered completely by solar, wind and other renewable energy sources and they are committed to using recycled office supplies and packaging materials.

2) Baby Greens Organic Clothing

All Baby Greens products are hand-printed with water-based inks on 100% Organic Cotton. They didn't just stop at the sustainable material...each bold & bright design is inspired by cultural representations of nature, further connecting people with the environment. The shirts are more in the vein of artistic multiples than production runs. The charm of Baby Greens comes from light variances in the artwork and hand printing process.

3) Baby Bambu

Launched in Aug. 07, Baby Bambu offers an environmentally friendly choice in baby clothing utilizing Bamboo Fiber. Bamboo fibre is an exceptional fabric; silky and softer than pima cotton, and it is said to be naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and provides UV protection. The design aesthetic is based on classic simplicity with a little spunk.

4) Bossy Baby

Bossy Baby's goals are to provide comfy and cozy yet stylish outfits for our little loved ones and help promote green living. They achieve unique designs using organic cottons and hemps and recyclable fabrics.

5) Kee Ka

Kee-Ka strives to deliver expressive, eco-chic apparel and gifts for Babies and Children. Kee Ka has applied their signature designs and packaging to a growing range of lifestyle and fashionable products in socially and ecologically responsible ways: using 100% certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes, as well as working with Fair Trade and Fair Wage suppliers around the world. Their products are packaged in award-winning, ready-to-mail gift box made from recycled paper.

All of the above brands can be found in the eco baby & maternity section of I Buy It Green.com

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