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Buying your baby infant clothes is one of the most fun things a parent and a grandparent do. We seem to gravitate to the baby department to see all the adorable things they have to offer. From an infant hat to infant shoes and everything in between we picture how our child will look in them.

If you are looking for an infant hat this is a good guideline for size.

• Age 0-3 months with head circumference 15 ½"-16 ½" - Size XX Small
• Age 3-6 months with head circumference 16 ½"-17 ½" - Size X Small
• Age 6-18 months with head circumference 17 ½"-19" - Size Small

There is so much to choose from when it comes to buying infant baby clothing. It is often said that it is harder to find infant boy clothes than baby girl clothes, but there are a lot of cute ones for both out there. Both can wear gowns, sleepers, t shirts and pants, but there is such a wide variety of dresses for your baby girl.

Infant t-shirts, creepers and baby girl dresses can all be personalized. You can get them with their name, a phrase, or monogrammed.

When buying your infants clothes make sure they are large enough. You may want to think about how the fabric feels. Is it nice and soft or scratchy? Will the material make your baby to hot? Will they be cold?

Baby bibs and blankets also come under the heading "Infant Clothes". These are part of their attire. Bibs are not only cute, but they are handy. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding they keep the milk or formula from getting your baby's clothes wet. Blankets don't only keep your baby warm, but are necessary for putting down to let your baby stretch on a clean surface. They can even be used to wipe up a spill, and so many other things.

You really don't need infant shoes for your baby. We like to buy them because they are cute! They don't need them until they can stand up and start to walk. Here are some guidelines to help you get the right size.

Age 0-6 months X Small - Age 6-18 months Small

• 3-4 months Size Infant's 2
• 5 months Size Infant's 3
• 6 months Size Infant's 4
• 6-7 months Size Infant's 5
• 7-9 months Size Infant's 5-6
• 12 months Size Infant's 6-10

Always make sure you are fitting the largest foot. Remember some children have feet that are thicker than others. This may change the size of the shoe. Make sure the shoe is wide enough. Never let your child wear shoes that are small for them.

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