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When it comes to caring for infant boy clothing, there are several steps you can take to ensure that the clothes look newer for longer. Keep in mind that no matter how adorable the clothes are for your little one, he certainly will not feel the same. Infants do not enjoy the feeling of restrictive clothing, especially against their delicate skin. Yet as parents know, it is important to keep your little one dressed appropriately so he is warm and secure.

To make everyone happy, stick to cotton materials. Cotton is breathable, gentle against the skin, and easy to care for. Best of all, you can find some of the cutest prints and shades of blue in cotton clothes. Another great choice is organic cotton, as it is made from 100% untreated, unbleached organic cotton. This is especially great for children who have allergies or sensitive skin. Most organic boy clothing is affordable as well, generally costing a few dollars more than a regular outfit. The best part about both types of cotton infant clothes is that they can be machine washed and tumbled dry.

When washing any type of infant boy clothing, make sure to use a mild detergent, such as Dreft. The detergent should be free of dyes and fragrance, limiting the amount of chemicals being left on the clothes. Use hot water, especially on such clothes that have been subject to diaper leaks or spit up, as the warm water will kill the germs. You can also use a stain remover on any stains, which will be especially handy as your little guy begins eating jarred foods. Stick to stain removers that are made from all-natural ingredients.

Drying infant clothes is always easiest, especially because these teeny tiny clothes are hard to hang up. Before throwing anything in the dryer, make sure you read the care instructions. Most clothes can be tumbled dry on low without shrinking or fading the clothes. However, certain fabrics, such as silk or velour, may not be able to be tossed in the dryer, so you will need to line dry these clothes instead. Fortunately, even clothes made with silk or velor are often blended with cotton fabrics so they are easy to care for.

Always make sure that buttons and snaps are secured on clothes and store everything in cool, dry drawers in your baby's nursery. When he grows out of his infant boy clothing, simply pack them away in a Tupperware bin and donate them or save them for the next baby!

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