A baby will start to explore and develop new skills such walking, standing on his own at the age of approximately seventh months old. In this stage, the baby is prone to accidents since it is a new experience to him. But no matter how scared the baby is, you will notice that his also excited for his baby steps.

To help a baby to make his first steps, massaging the legs is an important factor to strengthen the muscle and promote good blood circulation. You don't need to teach a baby how to walk or even stand because basically it is in his system. It's a stage that all babies must go through. What you need to do is guide him and to ensure his safety.

When a baby walks, expect wobbling knees, falling down and other mishap. Shoes especially made for babies help prevents accidents to ever happen. An example of it is soft-soled shoes that are advised by most pediatricians for babies to use when walking. It is because babies does not have well develop arch in their feet to help them walk properly. With soft sole shoes it is easier for babies to walk heel to toe because this type of shoes makes it easy for them to bend their feet while walking. When a baby starts to walk there's no way of stopping them.

For babies that are too scared to walk or for those with disability, a little encouragement is needed or perhaps the so-called squeaky shoes for kids will do the trick. Babies' loves squeaking sound no doubt about that. You will notice almost all baby toys have squeaking sound. When it comes to squeaky baby shoes there is no big difference from ordinary shoes though it is more attention grabber at least for kids.

Squeaky shoes have squeaker normally place in the heel of the shoes. This squeaker produced the squeaking sound that babies love to hear. It will encourage babies to walk because of the sound and make the scary experience a happy one. Squeaky shoes for children also promote proper way of walking: heel to toe and not tip toe. The squeaker will only work if the baby walks heel first since the squeaker is place at the heel area.

Squeaker shoes are not just to encourage babies to walk but also to help parents with sight disability in monitoring their babies whereabouts with its squeaking sound.

The best part of these shoes is a person knows that there is a baby on the ground having a stroll. This will serve as a warning for people to be extra careful. The next time your baby is having a dilemma why not try squeaky baby shoes to help him in his baby steps.

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