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We all seem to get dragged into buying baby shoes before we need too. The prospect of seeing our pride and joy looking as cute as can be is more than most of us can resist. However, when you buy, you need to ensure that the baby shoes you are buying will not hinder your baby's foot development.

You don't need to buy your child shoes until they start walking but, there are times when it may be advantageous to have the foot protected even when your child has not yet taken their first proper steps. An example of this may be when you take your pre-walker to playgroup where you may put them down on floors which are not looked after, or kept as clean, as those in your own home.

Obviously, the major factor influencing the shoes you buy will be that they protect your baby's feet however, it won't hurt if they have all the other mums "coo-ing" over your little angel. Luckily, you can achieve both of these things without too much trouble. Soft leather baby shoes will protect your baby from sharp objects, generally look great and can be purchased for a reasonable price.

This type of shoe do not need to be "broken in" which is ideal because your baby will probably out-grow their first pair in only three to four months. When you buy the shoes they should be about one centimetre bigger than your baby's foot. This will avoid your baby tripping because the shoes are too big and still give room for growth.

If you go for a pair with laces you should consider that you will probably be re-tying them on a regular basis. Little fingers seem to be drawn to them as if they were magnets. For this reason alone I prefer Velcro fastening. They make your baby shoes quick and easy to put on and take off and give a degree of flexibility should your baby's foot get wider as well as longer.

Your baby will probably out-grow their shoes before they become worn out but, keep an eye out for cracking and holes if, you get more than the usual amount of wear out of any particular pair.

Jackie is a mother of two young children and works for The Baby Shoe Company as a designer of Baby Shoes


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