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When shopping for baby outfits, it is essential that you know how to properly identify high quality apparel pieces. While it is true that the market is saturated with small, delicate, irresistible newborn clothing, it is a cold hard fact that many of the clothing pieces are manufactured quickly and without a focus on quality. Low quality clothing will not endure the test of time. Additionally, baby outfits that are low in quality may result in your child's discomfort and their general level of safety.

By ensuring that you purchase clothing pieces for your newborn that exhibit the highest level of quality, you are making a sound investment that will show in your child's appearance, their comfort level and in the amount of time that the baby outfits last. In this consumer buying guide, you will be introduced to some basic strategies on how to successfully identify high quality newborn clothing.

Evaluate the Seams

The first step to determining if the baby outfits that you are purchasing are high in quality is to take the time to evaluate the seams of the apparel pieces. When looking at the seams, you want to ensure that they are tightly knit. If you observe the seams and notice that there are loose threads and that the stitches are broken, you will know that you are looking at pieces of newborn clothing that are low in quality. As a general rule, if there is a high amount of stitches per inch of the clothing, the pieces are likely high in quality. In addition to this, tight stitching is often associated with high quality pieces.

However, given the fact that you are purchasing newborn clothing, you will want to ensure that tight stitches do not affect the free, fluid movements of the clothing as this could cause a baby to be uncomfortable. Seams that are sewn in a single, straight line may be included on quality apparel. However, double straight and/or serged seams are considered to be much stronger than single lined straight seams.


When evaluating baby outfits for quality, it is important to consider the type of material that the apparel pieces are composed of. We each have our own preference when it comes to clothing materials; however, when shopping for newborn clothing, it is best to opt for natural fibers and other materials that are less likely to irritate the skin and cause discomfort. In addition to this, natural materials have been found to have a higher level of durability when it comes to maintenance. Materials such as linen, wool, cotton and even silk are considered to be ideal options for baby outfits.

Due to the durability and irritability associated with the materials, nylon, acetate and even polyester are less preferred materials for baby outfits. Both natural and synthetic materials have the potential to be high in quality, but for parents that want to ensure that their child is comfortable, less likely to react to the clothing pieces that they wear and are able to wear the pieces for longer amounts of time, natural materials are the preferred choice.

Evaluate the Lining

Typically, baby outfits have a special lining or other type of reinforcement in order to increase the durability of the clothing and optimize the comfort of the child that will be wearing the clothing. In order to determine if you are purchasing high quality newborn clothing, it is important that you take the time to learn about and/or evaluate the lining that is on the apparel. When evaluating the lining, you should look to see if you are able to observe any facing in the lining. You should pay special attention to the regions that are considered to be high use - like, the zippers and buttons.

It is also important to ensure that the liner is thick and will offer both warmth and protection for the baby that will be wearing the clothing pieces. If the lining and/or other types of reinforcements are sturdy, thick, and other protection, you are likely looking at high quality newborn clothing.

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