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Dressing a baby boy has never been easier than it is today, traditionally a lot of energy went into infant girl clothing with very few selections available for infant boy clothing. There has been some movement in the right direction though here lately.


Infant clothing will vary in style from country to country and culture to culture. Dressing gowns are a favorite for their ease of diaper access. Also the one piece design leaves fewer things to fumble with to get the clothes on. One piece outfits that are outfitted with areas for the feet to slip into and be covered are also a popular option for baby clothes.

Some parents to dress their infants in style with jeans and polo's this of course is more for the parents enjoyment than it is for the babies. Infant boy clothing is available in every possible offering that a grown mans clothes is, just scaled down to fit the baby. There are blue jeans, khakis, little suits, t-shirts with funny sayings and logos. There are even little shoes that slip on baby's feet that mimic adult shoes.

Necessary Items

There are some clothing items that are necessary and have less to do with style than with function. One piece undershirts that snap between the legs are a necessity to keep baby layered and warm. One piece sleepers to keep baby covered at night, typically babies will kick their blankets off during their sleep and to prevent baby from getting a chill a one piece sleeper is a good idea.

Bibs, to protect baby's clothing from stains and spills are a necessity as well. Socks to cover those little feet are important (and some moms use socks on very young infant's hands to keep the baby from scratching himself). Hats to protect babies head from losing heat and from being in the sun, even if baby is not in direct sunlight the sunlight can be reflected off of other items and burn baby's tender skin. Blankets will also be needed. Anything beyond these items is really whimsy and not necessary but nice to have.

Where to Purchase:

Infant boy clothing can be purchased any place that baby clothing is sold. A good idea for an initial purchase is a babies layette this will include everything that baby needs to get started, there are t-shirts, dressing gowns, baby wash clothes, sleepers, receiving blankets ( thin square blankets that are used to swaddle baby) just about everything you will need to bring baby home.

Of course other types of clothes will be desired as well, everyone wants their baby to dress well. That is totally up to the parent's discretion.

Infant boy clothing has moved beyond the simple blue jeans, there are plenty of choices for you to dress your baby boy in. Keep it simple though because that is the most comfortable for baby.

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