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Infant footwear has come a long way over the past several decades. Gone are the days of simple white patent leather shoes with hard, uncomfortable soles. Parents in 2011 are keen in following expert advice. They want to make sure the designer baby shoes they purchase are not only stylish but also healthy for their baby's developing feet. Most parents today opt for handmade shoes made from durable, natural materials with a stylish flair. The trend in 2011 is to create baby shoes that mimic adult shoes yet maintain childhood innocence.

Such baby shoes vary depending on the style a parent wants to achieve. Fancy infant girl shoes are usually bright in color, predominantly in shades of gold and pink, covered in sparkle to add pizzaz. For a more casual but fun look, popular choices include a solid color shoe adorned with either a simple animal or a princess-themed shape, such as a tiara, a glass slipper or a magic wand. For the retro look, polka dots, stripes, and swirls are very common. For those seeking the vintage, timeless style, a simple ballet flat adorned with a delicate rose and shimmery sequins is ideal.

Hot shining baby shoes are common for the stylish infant boy in either blue or black. Faux patent leather penny loafers in either brown, black, or even with a stripe are also popular. For a casual look, a solid color shoe with a shape, such as a sailboat or a train is a fashionable choice. For the punk rock at heart, shoes with skeletons, crossbones, or a plaid design is the way to go. For the sports fanatic, it's not uncommon to see mock shoelaces with white stripes on the side of the shoe. Of course traditional athletic shoes that imitate trendy adult styles are still popular.

Despite the variety of the selection depending on a parent's style of choice, all designer shoes for infants in 2011 are safe, comfortable, and fashionable. Most shoes are either made completely of leather or at least have leather soles. Leather gives the foot breathing room, space for growth, and a soft sole which molds to the baby's foot and facilitates walking. If designer baby shoes are your shoes of choice, you will not be disappointed with the high fashion designer choices available this year.

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