Diaper cakes have become synonymous with baby shower parties. When you think of baby shower, it is impossible not to associate these unique gifts with this tradition. It is not known as to exactly when the custom of making/presenting diaper cakes started, but it is undeniable that they have a strange attraction for the expecting mother. The moment the mom-to-be notices this item, her mood brightens up.

The best thing about diaper cakes is that they are not just one item. They are a combination of various baby items that are of practical utility to the expecting mother. Moreover, they also make wonderful centerpieces for these parties. So, if you are hosting a shower or are slated to attend one, consider presenting this cute and useful gift to the expectant mother. You can procure diaper cakes from gift stores. However, they are so easy to make and so much fun that it is advisable to make them at home. Read on to learn the way to contrive these items.

Tips On Making Diaper Cakes

Before you commence assembling a diaper cake, you need to collect its necessary constituents. You would need a circular cardboard base or a base made up of similar hard material, diapers, ribbon, rubber bands, adhesive tape and a few pins. The number of diapers you require depends upon the size or number of layers you propose to have in your cake. Similarly, the length of the ribbon, the number of rubber bands, and pins depends upon the size of the cake. For example, for a standard 3-layer cake, you would need to have approximately 50 diapers, 7-9 feet length of ribbon, and 75-100 rubber bands.

Apart from the above listed items, you would need to buy some small baby products like socks, bibs, baby bottles, feeding spoons, baby brush, and a few baby toys.

Assembling The Cake

The first step while making diaper cakes is to roll the diapers into cylindrical shapes and tie them with rubber bands. After this, cut small lengths of ribbon and use them to wrap each cylindrical shaped diaper. This would hide the crude rubber bands and would add a touch of beauty to your cake. Preferably, use pink colored ribbon for this purpose. While wrapping the diapers with ribbons, tuck in small baby products with those diapers that would form the outer part of the layers of cake.

The next step is to carefully place the cylindrical diapers on the cardboard base. Use adhesive tape or pins to hold the diapers in place. After you finish all the three layers, remember to place a beautiful heart shaped toy or a soft toy on top of the cake.

Remember the above tips just give you a basic idea of making the diaper cakes at home. You must use all your imagination and creativity to come up with a cake that can bring a smile on the expectant mom's face.

Baby showers are means of pregnancy celebration. They are intended to bring joy and lessen the strain of expectant mother during pregnancy. By making diaper cakes and presenting them to the moms-to-be, you can definitely uplift their mood.

Diaper cakes are the mainstay of a baby shower party. People use diaper cakes made of small baby products, as baby shower decorations. Visit Baby Shower for more information of how to make a good diaper cake and other baby shower ideas. This site is a free pregnancy resource providing information on pregnancy related issues such as pregnancy planning, pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy complications, pregnancy weight gain, pregnancy stages, pregnancy labor, breastfeeding, cord blood banking, weight loss after pregnancy, and almost everything you want to know about pregnancy and childbirth.

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