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As a mother of small children, I have always been concerned with putting the best quality shoes on my children's feet. As I was encouraged by a friend, I only bought brand name shoes, as we believed that they would give the best support, last the longest, etc. Fortunately, my children didn't actually wear their shoes very much. We found out later that for best development of a baby's feet, hard soled shoes such as I had, were not the best for the baby's foot development.

According to many pediatricians, and experienced by myself, leather soft soled shoes help with the baby's sense of balance which helps in preventing some falls. The added weight and bulkiness of traditional baby shoes, and the fact that the baby's foot can't grip the floor at all are reasons why many parents find that their baby tends to trip and fall when wearing hard soled shoes.

Leather soft soled baby shoes help baby's feet to grip the floor better, which helps to develop the muscles in their feet properly. The Tarahumara, a modern primitive tribe of super athletes that outrun the best modern outfitted "civilized" athletes, wear their own soft soled leather shoes. Let's face it: science has given us many advances, but in this case, the more primitive styled shoes are far better!

Soft soled leather shoes also allow the baby's feet to grow without being constricted in any way. Hard soled shoes not only can be binding to the length and width of the baby's foot, but can be binding to the ankles; not only can this restrict growth, but it can restrict the development of the baby's muscle development in the foot and ankle areas.

And if these benefits were not enough, leather baby shoes are strong and durable. You don't get the cracking and peeling that you can get with other types of shoes. Also, leather baby shoes are machine washable; please refer to the manufacturer's instructions. In closing, leather baby shoes help baby to balance, help baby's feet to develop properly, and are a great value for the money. For some great selections, please visit the site below.

Roxanne Vick is a SAHM of ten, and enjoys her family, her good health, and gardening. Visit her website to find out more about the best baby shoes: [http://babyshoesleather.com]

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