The choices of newborn clothing available today is really quite overwhelming. However a lot of this clothing has been designed to be appealing to the adult rather than comfortable for the child. Before you buy that little miniature adult outfit, remember that your baby will have many years of dressing up and baby sleep suits and one piece bodysuits are designed specifically to be practical and comfortable for newborns to wear. Unisex baby clothes can be a sensible investment if you plan on having more than one child. It's best to stay simple when choosing clothing for very small babies. After all, they spend most of their time asleep so soft, comfortable sleep suits should be your number one choice. It's fine to get one or two special outfits for going home from the hospital or special occasions but think about it - would you really like to sleep every day in jeans or a party dress?

When choosing newborn baby clothes, go for designs that will be comfortable for baby to wear all day and convenient for you when changing nappies. Snappers at the crotch are easy to undo when changing a nappy so choose all in one outfits, rather than separate pants which need to be removed at each nappy change.

Most babies hate having things pulled over your head, so try to choose all in ones that have buttons down the front to avoid this.

Also look carefully at fabrics when making your choice. Natural fabrics are preferable, with organic cotton being the best for baby's skin. Newborn babies are very sensitive to even the smallest traces of chemicals in their clothing and using man made fabrics can easily bring them out in a rash. Organic cottons also do not contain the chemicals used in dyeing and processing conventional cotton clothing.

After choosing newborn clothing be sure to wash it before first use in a mild un-perfumed detergent suitable for babies. Good quality cottons will stay soft without the use of a softener.

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