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According to pediatricians, babies grow the most in their first year of life. For parents who are on a budget, buying clothes to keep up with an infant's constant growth can be financially difficult, especially when they shop at conventional retailers. If you are looking for retail baby clothes at affordable prices, you should avoid the shopping mall and buy from an online wholesaler instead. This article lists several reasons why.

Lower prices

Conventional sellers price products higher than they would need to simply to earn a profit because they need to pay for utilities, insurance, security, and other operating costs. Online sellers typically have lower operating costs than conventional sellers, and thus have lower prices. Conventional sellers also charge steep prices because they buy items from the manufacturer at full price. Conversely, wholesalers buy items, such as baby gift sets, for a bargain price. The money that they save from having low operating costs and purchasing items in bulk is passed on to the customer.

You get more for your money

Wholesalers give shoppers a better price per item because they sell products in bulk. Buying a set of three bibs at a department store might cost fifteen dollars, but spending the same amount of money at wholesaler may get you twice as many bibs. Babies need items such as bibs, burp cloths, and towels in bulk. Buying them from an online wholesaler is a good way to stock up on them without spending a lot of money.

More styles to choose from

Conventional sellers liquidate old products when new products arrive. With the exception of outlets and aftermarket shops, retail baby clothes that are purchased in stores are expected to be the latest designs. With wholesalers, this is not the case. Instead of only selling the latest products, they buy products (e.g. baby gift sets on wholesale) that conventional sellers were unable to sell before new products arrived, and keep them in stock for a long time. This might mean that a wholesaler has more styles to choose from than a conventional seller does.

Easy to buy more of the same product

If you buy a product from a store in the mall, and you like it so much that you decide to buy another one, you may find that the item has been discontinued. As mentioned above, conventional sellers liquidate products when new products arrive, but wholesalers carry products until they sell. If you buy items from a wholesaler, and then decide that you want more of them, it is more likely that they will be available when you check back.


Many parents go to a mall to buy clothes for their infant - a decision that often results in overpaying for the items. Financially, a better option is to buy retail baby clothes from a wholesaler. In addition to offering low prices on baby gift sets and other items, wholesalers often have more styles to choose from, and keep items in stock longer than conventional sellers do.

Online wholesalers sell retail baby clothes and wholesale baby gift sets for lower prices than do conventional retailers.

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