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Choosing clothes for infants can be a tricky affair. There are many factors that one must keep in mind while buying clothes for an infant baby. Infants have tender, highly sensitive skin. When you buy clothes, these factors must be considered as also issues such as convenience and hygiene.

Cotton is undoubtedly the best material for infant clothing. They are comfortable for your infant, not scratchy and do not cause any type of irritation on the delicate skin of the infants.

Buying clothes of the right size and fit is another crucial factor. Clothes should fit the infant snugly or must be slightly loose. While buying clothes for the infant to be worn at night ensure that it is one piece. This will do away with the need to use blankets, which can be inconvenient to use on an infant.

Infants' clothes need frequent changes because of hygiene factors. For this very reason you must ensure that the clothes that you buy can be easily removed and put on. Clothes with snaps at the sides or at the bottom are recommended for easy access.

Investing in expensive clothing for infants is not a very sensible thing to do. You can of course buy a few exclusive pieces for special occasions and outings, but generally clothes for daily use can be inexpensive but clean. Infants outgrow their dress very quickly. Buying huge quantities of expensive clothes may not serve any purpose as the baby may outgrow them even before they have a chance to use all of them.

Strictly avoid clothes that have any type of accessories and fittings. The same goes for clothes with strings and buttons, especially near the neck areas. One important factor on your checklist when you buy clothes for your infant is the seams. Raised seams and stitches can cause the tender skin of the infant to erupt in rashes. Always buy clothes that have a smooth and flat seam.

Another thing to avoid is tight elastic bands at the waist, arms and legs. They can irritate the soft skin of the baby and also create circulation problems. Your infant's clothing should not have any zippers or uneven padding and backings.

It is a good practice to check the fabric content of your infant's clothing. They come in a wide variety of fabric. Natural fabrics are always good for the sensitive skin of your infant. Some synthetic fabrics such as polyester and cotton blends also provide a high degree of comfort.

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