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Shopping for that new bundle of joy can be a little bit easier in a tightened economy with the option of buying used infant boy clothing. With consignment shops growing in popularity and for good reason, gently used clothing is a great market for extending or beginning a special little man's wardrobe. Here are a few things to think about when making such purchases.

On the positive side, there are many benefits in selecting gently used infant boy clothing. Shoes, for one, are an item that does not get any wear whatsoever! Think about the daily life of a baby. Sleeping and being held account for most of their existence until around the celebration of the first birthday, so shoes are a great item to purchase used. Similarly, with the abundance of clothing often received as gifts from family and friends, infants tend to only wear an outfit once before outgrowing it. Probably the biggest benefit of purchasing used infant boy clothing is the value. Most pieces are like new, but sold for a fraction of their original price tag. Keeping this in mind, dollars can be stretched to their limit without sacrificing quality and style.

On the down side, there are a few minor inconveniences when purchasing previously worn clothing. Infants tend to spit-up frequently posing major stain makers for everyday items like one piece bodysuits, sleepers and bibs. However, there are many wonderful stain fighters on the market today making such inconveniences a little easier to handle. Some of the styles may seem a tad bit outdated, since many clothing manufacturers tailor kids' clothing to trends. Stains and trends seem to be the only real cons facing this fashion-forward option.

With the slow economy, many consignment shops have seen a rise in sales and number of items donated making them a great place to check out when on the quest of outfitting that special little gentleman. Across the country, yard and garage sales will be popping up along with spring and summer flowers creating an alternative to in-store consignment shopping. This form of consignment shopping can often fashion tailor-made pieces since shoppers tend to know the families in their neighborhoods. Many families will have an annual sale, so finding a little boy a year or more older than yours is a great resource for years to come. All things considered, buying used infant boy clothing is a fabulous tool in finding these tiny pieces packed with big value at a discounted price.

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