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Today, it is as easy to find infant boy clothing as it is for infant girls, given the wide choice of infant clothing on offer. This was not the case earlier, as the range of infant girl clothing available then was much larger than the one for boys.

Stylish Clothing and Footwear

Infant clothing comes in various styles anywhere in the world, although they will differ by country and culture. Front or rear opening dressing gowns for infants are popular as they facilitate convenient diaper changing. A one piece outfit is also another clothing item that makes it easy to dress infants, as it has fewer things to deal with. Such outfits also cover the baby's feet adding to their convenience and popularity.

Rather than considering their babies' comfort as a priority, some parents dress their baby boys in stylish polo tops and jeans to please themselves. The collection of infant boy clothing include items that are scaled down versions of adult male clothing and similar in style. These collections comprise of T shirts with humorous quotes, blue jeans, mini suits, khakis and logos. Insofar as footwear options, there are also slip-on baby shoes that are good copies of adult shoes.

Essential Items

Some items of clothing make a sensible choice, more for their function rather than style. For example for babies to be kept warm and well covered, one piece underclothing items which can be conveniently snapped on between the infants' legs are ideal. As babies are known to often kick off blankets especially when asleep, a practical alternative, one piece sleeper is great to keep them warm and prevent chills.

Bibs are extremely essential to keep baby's clothes clean and free of stains as they help to prevent spills. Some mothers also use gloves and socks to cover their babies' hands and feet, sometimes substituting the former with socks. They do so to prevent their babies from scratching themselves. Mothers also use hats and caps, either to keep their infants' heads warm or to provide protection from the sun, as their skin is very tender. Another protective accessory is a blanket. The items specified above should suffice, making additional ones unnecessary.

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