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Parents who have an infant boy, might be wondering, what is the best way to keep my baby's clothes organized? Well there are lots of great and effective ways to keep infant boy clothing organized and neatly presented.

First, having a dresser with a sufficient amount of space of at least 6-8 drawers, will help. You'll need to make sure you have a dedicated space for clothing such as rompers, bodysuits, sleepwear, tee shirts, socks and pants. Make sure each article of clothing if folded neatly and there sufficient space for the clothing and if you get in the habit of making sure each and every time you neatly fold his clothing before placing into the drawer, you will be able to maintain organized drawers. You can also buy hang-able cubes for additional storage and organization, and place sweaters or seasonal clothing in them.

An under bed trundle is another great way to store clothing neat and out of sight, as well as storage bins. Wicker baskets are fun to use as well as it adds to the decor of a room. Since your infant is growing at a fast rate, be sure to discard or donate clothing that is no longer wearable, these can be given to other family members, friends, or goodwill.

His clothing can also be hung in the closet using infant size hangers, color coding clothes and also using colored coded hangers and having defined sections of clothing will help to maintain organization plus this will save time in searching for items to wear. You can also keep your infant boy clothing organized by using shelving in the closet. This space is great for folded sweaters, shoes and hats.

Also, using clothing hooks will help in organizing coats and jackets and hats. Be determined to set ground rules for yourself as the parent that you will properly hang and fold clothing, check about once a month to see what clothing is old or no longer wearable, remember to donate or pass down clothing to other family members or friends, also remember to use proper storage space so that his clothing will continue to stay organized.

By staying organized and using the proper tools to store baby's items, you will not only save time and space but you will ensure that his cute baby clothing will get good usage for a long time and not get lost in the clutter.

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