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Every parent is excited about their newborn and wishes to give them the best. Taking care of the newborn is a big responsibility. A big, less enjoyable responsibility is to wash the clothing.

Washing infant's clothing is not difficult but requires extra considerations. There are many expensive detergents available in the market especially for babies, but the regular detergent often works well. When washing the clothing the very first step is to separate it based on colors and washing instructions. Then fasten the Velcro tabs on any clothing, this avoids the possibility of the Velcro from attaching to other clothing in the wash. Inspect the laundry carefully. Look out for stains that you are unaware of and if you find any stains apply stain remover onto it. You could place small items in a mesh bag so that they stay together, this makes sorting easy after they are washed. Now place the clothing in washing machine and set appropriate water level. Also adjust the temperature of the water as according to the instructions mentioned on label. Finally add detergent as required.

After the end of wash cycle inspect all the laundry carefully. Check if the stains have come out properly, if not repeat the stain removal process and wash the stained ones again. It is recommended to dry infant's clothes on a clothesline but if using a dryer set the machine to low heat setting. Make sure the clothes are full dry before using them.

Apart from this you should always test out a new detergent on separate cloth so that you know about any allergic reaction. Also look for signs of irritation or rash to determine if you need different detergent. Make sure to clean your infant's clothes well to keep them safe and healthy.

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Also adjust the temperature of the water as according to the instructions mentioned on label. Finally add detergent as required.


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