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Like their adult counterparts, baby shoes and clothing have trends too. While Junior may not realize he's a fashion plate, Mom and Dad sure do, and trendy outfits and fashionable footwear are hot picks for the baby brigade. But, what is hot and trendy for babies in clothing and shoes this year?

Baby Clothes

o Animal prints are hotter than ever, and they've shown staying power through the years.
o Ruffles, for girls of course, never go out of style. Peek-a-boo ruffles in dress outfits can make even the most hard-hearted give an "Awwww".
o For boys, the sporty look is always in style. Cute sports-related outfits have been popular for years, and they are a sure bet in baby clothes. Topping off the look with a hat not only makes the outfit complete, but helps shield the baby from harmful sun as well.
o Organic offerings are the latest introduction to baby clothes, as going green is all the rage not only in the home, but in textiles as well. Organic baby clothes not only use sustainable materials with environmentally friendly growing and harvesting techniques, but they keep harmful chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Baby Shoes

First and foremost, before fashion is comfort and fit in baby shoes. While purists claim that children's feet develop best if less shoeless, practicality says otherwise. Baby shoes not only protect the feet during the first stages of walking, but keep baby's feet warm. To choose the best shoes for a baby or toddler:

o Choose softer soles - suede and leather soles offer enough protection for little feet, while still allowing the foot to remain flexible, they also help in offering slip resistance;
o Choose shoes that aren't stiff. Children are still learning to use their feet, and they need to have some wiggle room.
As for trends in baby shoes, Velcro has become the clear frontrunner over laces, making the constant retying or tripping over laces a thing of the past.
While dressing up baby in trendy shoes and clothing can be fun, don't forget the practicalities:
o Busy prints hide dirt and stains;
o Comfort and proper fit is the most important aspect;
o Convenience for Mom and Dad should factor in as well, snaps instead of buttons and easy on and off clothing make dressing and undressing much more labor intensive.
o Easy care and no iron should reign supreme in a baby's wardrobe.
o Last, but certainly not least, dress children appropriately for the weather.
Have fun but be sensible when outfitting babies, trendy outfits are fun and cute, but a healthy, happy, comfortable baby is even cuter!

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