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One thing every parent has in common is they want their child to be safe. Every stage of a child's life is important, but when the child is a baby or newborn, parents tend to be extra cautious. Buying infant gift sets on wholesale is a great way for resellers to invest, subsequently leading to parents and families purchasing baby clothing at retail value. Parents need to be extra careful when receiving these gifts or when buying retail clothing for toddlers on their own because a few things need to be looked out for that parents might not know about. This article will cover two big warnings often overlooked when buying infant clothing, which include recalled and used baby clothes.

Recalled Baby Clothes

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's website has a list of baby clothing or gear that has been recalled. Even Disney had over 6,000 Disney character sweatshirts recalled because there was lead in their zipper. What other reasons could clothing be recalled? Well, there are a number of reasons, including lead in zippers, strings that could be considered as choking hazards, or snap buttons coming off which was the case for Weeplay Kids' Carter bodysuits and one pieces.

Used Baby Clothes

For the parents who are on a budget, used baby clothing is a great way to save money. Veteran parents who are recycling their previous children's clothing should not have many problems because they know where it's coming from. Parents might be buying clothing from retailers or ads leading to reseller sites, and need to be careful doing so. Parents should have a checklist ready for whomever they are buying from. Some of the things parents should keep in mind include how thoroughly the fabric was washed before it was delivered or bought, if there are any missing pieces in the clothing, and what type of fabric it is for washing purposes. If parents are responding to ads, and the seller cannot answer any of these questions, it would be better to look somewhere else. If, however, the parents are receiving hand-me-downs from friends or family they can trust, there should be no need to ask these questions, but it might be safe to wash the clothes before using it, just in case.

Being a parent can be stressful because there are so many things to look out for. If a parent does encounter a problem with the baby clothing they received from a retailer that purchased an infant gift set on wholesale, they should immediately discontinue use of the product and contact the supplier. Usually, the store will send free replacements.

Wholesale infant gift sets containing retail baby clothing can be a great gift for parents. Parents do, however, need to remember to keep this article in mind as a checklist about recalled or used baby clothing.

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