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On average, babies will begin to start taking their first steps around six to seven months to age. This is a great milestone for your little one, so you want to give them as much assistance with this new action as you can. Baby walking shoes will help protect your child's feet while they are learning to walk and after. It's okay for them to go barefoot around the house when they are first getting used to this new mode of transportation, but you want to get them some baby shoes for leaving the home.

Baby shoes should be purchased the moment that your child begins taking steps. Many parents will have shoes for their children long before this occurrence, but if you do not, it is time to go shopping. The most important aspect of buying shoes for your baby is their fit. You need to make sure that your child's feet fit comfortably inside the shoe with a little room at the end of the toes. When your child walks in the shoes, you want to make sure they do not slide up and down on the heel. Avoid buying shoes too big with the idea that your baby will be able to wear them longer.

Flexibility is another important aspect of baby walking shoes. You will want to choose a material that is easy for your child to bend as they take a step. The soles shouldn't be too thick, as the thicker they are, the more difficult it will be for your new walker's feet to bend them. The material on the top should be cotton or something similar in flexibility. You want to avoid leather and other strong materials, at least in the beginning.

There are a few different ways that shoes can be secured when worn. The option you select is really up to you. Laces will require more parental involvement, as they are likely to come untied often, especially once the child realizes how to untie them. Velcro may be the better option, though they are also easy to remove once the child's mind makes the connection of how easy it is to pull the Velcro apart. Slip on shoes are another option, but you need to make sure that the baby shoes will stay securely on your child's feet as they walk.

Babies outgrow their shoes long before older children do. You will need to check the fit of your infant's shoes at least once a month. Most babies will need a new pair of baby shoes every two to three months when they first begin walking. It is best to shop for shoes when your child is in a good mood. You will need to check the fit of the shoes in the store, and you don't want to mistake being hungry or tired for painful shoes.

As you can see, baby walking shoes need a few considerations before being purchased. The fit is definitely the most essential factor. Flexibility is also needed so your baby can walk properly. Be sure to monitor the fit as your baby wears his/her shoes, and only shop for new baby shoes when your child is happy.

Nicole Roberts

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