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Daughters are precious. They are the angels that light up every moment of our lives.Not only they are absolutely cute but you can doll them in a variety of outfits,accessories and yes even the latest fashions.

So how to dress up your newborn princess in the unique and best clothing available in the market? Little Victoria, Britney or Rihanna - You probably have too many ideas popping up in your head in the moment. From unique rompers to sequin leggings to pettiskirts there are many unique baby stores and designers to meet all your needs. Let's review some of the best and unique ideas to make your newborn look like a complete superstar.

Little diva in Pettiskirts/Tutus

A Pettiskirt or a tutu features feather light layers of delicate chiffon material incredibly designed for your little one. This ensemble is perfect for the first picture of your newborn girl, her first family picture or any other occasion. If you are looking for really unique and fashionable clothes for a special occasion, you must check out small retailers like Psycho baby online that specialize in providing funky and flashy clothing for kids.

Cutesy in Rompers

While finding unique clothing for your baby girl, the first thing you look for is comfort. In the first few months, your newborn is likely to spend maximum time in her crib and much less outdoors. So if you are looking for more functional clothing for your girl,a romper would be an ideal choice.

A romper is a perfect outfit for spring/summer outings and casual occasions. There are many online stores that provide a unique blend of romper patterns and materials suited to your choices. Come rain or shine, morning or evening, your baby will look the cutest in these outfits.

Party girl in Skeggings and pleat dress

Little girls and mamas all love to wear this beautifully tailored pleat dress. It is indeed a stylish and great wear for dressy occasions and parties. Dressing up your girl in this garment will definitely knock some socks off the audience.

Another great outfit to wear at a party are the skeggings. Skeggings are the fusion of fashion leggings and a touch of skirt overlay tailored into a single garment. So gear up to adore your party girl as she dazzles in those skeggings and pleat dress.

Smiley baby in Newborn gown and Diaper sets

The everyday clothes that your girl wears need to be cute and affordable. The rate of everyday wear and tear of an infant's clothes is somewhat high and often the clothes need a quick change.A newborn diaper set or gown match well for a daily infant routine.Many standard retailers like Old Navy provide cute and pocket friendly clothing for your kid suited much for her everyday needs.

Finding suitable and unique clothing isn't a hard nut to crack. Firstly, you need to decide what exactly you want for your newborn. If you wouldn't mind spending some extra bucks, you can whole heatedly opt for those designer brands else you can always shop at the standard retailers that do provide the best and trendy clothing sometimes.

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