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Unlike so many other holidays throughout the year, Christmas stands out to many people and families. This is one of the biggest holidays, often times surrounded by family, friends, love, and warmth; gathering together to enjoy a meal and presents. However, regardless of how many Christmases that you have spent in your life; few will rival that of your child's first Christmas. While it will hold little for the child, it will be a memory that you will carry with you throughout your life. From the first beautiful moment that he or she opens their eyes to the new day, only to be met by brilliantly wrapped gifts; all the way to the warm and full bellies met by kisses and hugs.

For this reason, so many mothers and fathers will decide to take an extra stop to their local retailer before this precious day. Often times choosing a precious suit or dress for that Christmas-time photo shoot; while obtaining a few Christmas theme t-shirt for the day of. With this demand, many retailers now offer hundreds of "baby's first Christmas" outfits. Even if this isn't your child's first Christmas, there is still a large selection for you to choose from. Whether you wish to make a statement of which number this Christmas will be for your child, later scrap booking the memories away as timeless pictures. Or if you simply want to commemorate this beloved holiday with festive outfits.

If you have braved the pre-Christmas shopping, you have found several choices to be had at your mass-market retailer. However most will be similar to the years past, or downright "normal" or bland. Often times offering pastel one pieces with Santa Clause or a snowman littered across it's entirety. While this might be the sight that you will normally see at your local mass retailers, many specialty child stores both online and local will offer something with a little more flavor. From mistle toe all the way to elaborate sleighs and decorative text across this once-simplified article of clothing. Some even catering to the more alternative of parents, with prints from the Nightmare Before Christmas; or other wholesome tales that we have all come to know and love. Will help you to dress your child with Christmas cheer, and brighten those memories for future times with your family.

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