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One of the major milestones of every child's growing up years is the shift from crawling to walking. During this time, parents keep on thinking of how to ensure continuous protection for the baby. One way of ascertaining this is with the shoes the baby wears while walking.

As the little princess starts walking, her whole entourage walks behind her. Mommies and daddies follow her everywhere she goes. And protecting her tiny, pink feet will be of utmost importance. Shoes for baby girls, and all babies for that matter, must be of the softest material to keep blisters and boo-boos away and strengthen her confidence. Thus, when shopping for your baby girl's clothes and accessories, you must take into consideration the shoes that will go well with the outfit.

Choose baby girl shoes that allow the toes at least ¼" wiggle room inside the shoes. This is very important so as not to stunt your baby's feet development even while at play.

Baby shoes for girls come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. One of the more classic ones is the Mary Jane's in black that goes well with dresses and skirts. Designed with a generally broad toe area, this is especially ideal for kids who are just starting to walk.

Another cute design is the bowler shoes available in pink and brown combination. With its soft fleece material inside the shoe, it guarantees a softer walking experience for the little "missy". Another cute design option for baby girls is the slip on lady bug shoes. These are generally in white color with red rims and black-dotted red lady bug. With easy non-slip soles, these shoes are definitely a shoe-in for your princess.

Ballet slippers never go out of style and almost always look great with dresses, jeans, skirts, and shorts. Always choose shoes with soft soles and soft inner linings. Check if the material is made from breathable fabric. Choose shoe colors that will match with her clothes such as red, yellow, black, blue, pink, and white. Just ensure to always check the fit because at this stage, your child's feet grow big faster than you'd expect. You her comfort level and the way she walks as your gauge if you need to by a new pair.

With all the shoe choices available, surely you will find a pair that will make your princess even prettier.

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