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When a couple's dream of having a child is answered, talks about the baby's gender, features, clothes, and accessories start creeping in conversations. Everything seems exciting, everyone is excited. Normally, shopping for baby clothes doesn't happen until a few months before the baby is due. But, you can already start preparing for the baby's nursery room - the wall painting, the colors, the cribs, bassinette, the mobile toys to hang, and a lot more.

However, shopping for other baby essentials such as clothes, diapers, bibs, socks, baby bottles, and bonnets, among others won't happen until two or three months prior delivery. Consider as well that there's going to be a baby shower and with all the stuff the baby will surely get, it is just impractical to have four or five of the same things unless they are baby basics like feeding bottles. Surely, this is something your baby will need for months to come.

Therefore, it is inadvisable for you to think about baby shoes until the baby starts walking. From birth up to about six months, all the baby does is sleep and being so, all he or she needs are socks to protect the little baby feet from cold.

When the baby starts to walk, it is more practical to let the baby saunter barefoot on the floor to let the feet and the feet muscles develop. In time, the baby will be ready to wear baby shoes and the shopping begins.

Getting the perfect shoe fit must be your number one consideration when buying a pair of baby shoes. Wearing too tight or too loose shoes can both be detrimental to the baby's feet development. One will cause blisters; the other one can initiate accidental slips or falls.

Another thing to consider is the material the shoes are made of. Since baby's feet are small and soft, pick shoes that are also soft and flexible enough for babies who are just starting to walk. Most babies are attracted to sound, choose those flat, squeaky-soled shoes since these give the baby confidence to walk more.

For reasons of convenience, it is more practical to buy shoes with Velcro fasteners primarily because you don't have to worry about a loose shoe lace that could cause your baby to trip. In addition, ensure the shoes are not too tight that it would be difficult for the toes to move inside the shoes.

Observe your baby's level of comfort while he or she tries on the shoes. Does your baby keep on falling down? Is the baby able to walk comfortably while wearing the shoes? Remember that your baby's feet are continually growing at this stage. If you see holes, blisters, or any signs of distress, maybe it's about time to get your child a bigger shoe size.

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