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As all parents know, babies grow out of those adorable outfits we buy them in no time at all. Unfortunately, some of those outfits can be quite expensive to buy. To help regain some of the money that parents spend on buying infant baby clothes, there are ways to turn gently used infant clothing into cash. There is a variety of different ways this clothing can be resold and they normally sell very quickly. Among these ways are selling them at consignments shops, selling them at yard sales, and selling them on different online auction websites. It may not be possible to get the full price that was paid for these clothes when they were bought new, but you can get back a portion of the money you spent.

Consignment shops buy gently used baby clothing in two different ways. They normally buy them straight out and then sell them at the price they choose or they allow you to put them up for sale in their shops and you will be paid when the items sell. If the clothing is put up for sale in the shop, you may have to pay a certain percentage of the profit to the consignment shop for allowing you to sell your items in their store. Therefore, it may be just as beneficial to sell them only to consignment shops that buy them straight out.

You can also turn gently used infant clothing into cash by selling them in your own yard sale or garage sale. These types of sales tend to do best when you schedule them on the weekends when most people are off from work. If you don't live in an area that has much traffic, it might be best to have your sale closer to town where more shoppers are most likely to stop by your sale. It is not uncommon for grocery stores or other business offices to allow people to have sales on their parking lots free of charge.

Another route you may want to try is selling gently used baby clothing at online auction websites. This type of sale may do best when you sell several different items as a "lot" auction instead of selling individual pieces. Doing this helps cut back on the fees you are required to pay to list your items on the website. Regardless of which method you choose, you can turn gently used infant clothing into cash with little effort at all.

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